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RailFX Unveils Two Cable Railing Products

RailFX releases two products: a fitting for level and stair applications and a complete cable railing system that includes posts, infill and pickets.

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RailFX, a leader in cable railing solutions, is kicking off 2024 with two new products that make it easier for you to help your customers provide beautiful outdoor spaces.

The RailFX FlexFX is a single fitting that can be used to install cable railing in both level and stair applications. Contractors can install cable railings faster and easier, and you only need to stock one SKU.

The RailFX Oasis Railing System is a complete railing system that brings simplicity and style together. It includes posts, cable infill, and pickets, allowing contractors to provide the railing system their customers want.


New Castle Steel Expands into New Markets

New Castle Steel Expands into New Markets

New Castle Steel has partnered with midwestern-based sales company, SLA Manufacturers Representatives, to expand its representation into North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the northern Illinois markets.

Teak-Like Decking and Marine Docking System

Teak-Like Decking and Marine Docking System

The patented Ocean Decks, a new decking constructed of industrial-grade PVC that is laminated with a teak-like surface, will be unveiled at IBS this week. The boards allow for a 24” or greater joist span and require no spacing between boards due to its interlocking design.