Ultralox Interlocking Technology is proud to introduce its Aluminum Framing System (AFS) for Commercial and Multifamily installations. Ultralox’s AFS accommodates configurations including hanging balconies and rooftop amenity systems, popular in today’s multifamily housing market.

Ultralox AFS boasts all-aluminum framing and decking, powder-coated with a 20-year warranty. The system is engineered with integrated Ultralox railing systems, meaning a seamless install, and aesthetic consistency across each project.

Available exclusively through the Ultralox dealer network, AFS hanging balcony and rooftop amenity configurations are engineered to each project, and are available as a turnkey solution in most markets. The versatility of AFS allows unlimited attachment scenarios for hanging balconies, and a rooftop installation that doesn’t compromise moisture barriers.

Headquartered in Eagan, MN, Ultralox Interlocking Technology is home to the Ultralox dealer network, who each fabricate Ultralox premium aluminum systems in house, providing lead times and local product & installation support that are not possible with framing and railing systems available through traditional building material distribution models,

For more information about Ultralox products including AFS, visit www.Ultralox.com, or call 888-685-4005.

About Ultralox Interlocking® Technology

Ultralox Interlocking Technology fabricates premium aluminum, powder-coated interlocking railing and decking components. The exclusive construction process allows for installation without special tools or welding. Located in Eagan, Minnesota, Ultralox strives to respect the environment by responsibly disposing of manufacturing waste and developing recyclable, maintenance-free products. Ultralox is an innovator in the metal railing industry with products for both commercial and residential applications. More information on Ultralox and its product line can be found at https://ultralox.com.

SOURCE: Ultralox – WES LLC

The nation’s leading outdoor living design and installation company System Pavers has expanded to Arizona with the opening of a new Tempe office earlier this month.

The new location gives homeowners across the Phoenix-metro area access to System Pavers’s high-quality services that help transform outdoor living spaces through elements such as outdoor kitchens, BBQ islands, water features, fire features, patios, driveways, turf and more. The company offers complimentary consultation, personalized design and comprehensive, professional installation.

“For 30 years, our award-winning team has prioritized quality, durability and beauty,” says System Pavers CEO Syed Zaidi. “Our established reputation in current markets brings reliability and trust to homeowners as we launch in this new market. We look forward to becoming a partner to the metro Phoenix community and sharing our love for outdoor living with homeowners across the city.”

The company’s expansion efforts in Phoenix and greater Arizona are led by long-time System Pavers employee and former Operations Manager of Oregon, Sam Leisman, who plans to hire more than 100 new qualified employees across Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa and Scottsdale over the next five years.

“We are excited to bring our first-class services to the Phoenix community and meet homeowners looking to bring their outdoor living dreams to life,” says Leisman. “Arizona was a natural next step for System Pavers with its proximity to existing markets, growth potential and the opportunity to deliver outdoor spaces that can be used year-long in Arizona’s climate. We look forward to helping homeowners provide lasting value to their homes and deliver a one-stop shop from initial design to the finishing touches.”

System Pavers currently serves 17 metro areas across the country and has elevated the yards of more than 85,000 homeowners with gorgeous, customized makeovers and 95% customer satisfaction ratings.

Click here to learn more about System Pavers’s outdoor living design services or to schedule a free consultation.

Grad Concept USA has introduced the North American launch of its Grad Rooftop Decking System.

The thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO)-friendly system makes installation simpler, and up to 50% faster than conventional decking, while requiring fewer people to complete the job. Utilizing screw-adjustable pedestals, the waterproof system raises the deck floor off the TPO as high as 15”. The subdeck remains easily accessible since boards can be individually removed no matter where they are located.

The attachment components are virtually maintenance-free, offering maximum resistance to rot. The polypropylene pedestals, which meet ASTM D1929 and D635 standards, provide a stable, durable, and stiff infrastructure for attachment, while the polyoxymethylene fasteners (which are not exposed to direct UV light) offer strength and flexibility.

The decking system can also be used for poolside decking, is compatible with many different Grad-approved decking brands, including a wide range of natural wood and thermally modified wood species, bamboo, and aluminum options.

Versatex Building Products this week disclosed the names and new titles of eight freshly promoted sales-team managers.

According to Versatex sales and marketing VP Rick Kapres, “We’ve always believed in upward mobility within our ranks, so each year we look within to develop new sales management leaders.”

Speaking from the VERSATEX Design Center at the company’s Southwestern Pennsylvania manufacturing plant, Mr. Kapres extended his congratulations to:

  • Matt Baumeister, now territory sales manager for Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia.
  • Jeff Dahdah, now regional sales manager for Florida.
  • Josh Diaz, now regional sales manager for Western New England and Eastern New York.
  • Kris Fornuto, now regional sales manager for Eastern New England and Atlantic Canada.
  • Cole Hedlund, now territory sales manager for Upper-Midwest and Western Canada.
  • Benjamin Kitchens, now area sales manager for Southern Texas.
  • Nick Leugers, now regional sales manager for the Gulf States.
  • Patrick MacRae, now territory sales manager for Atlantic Canada.

“This group, like its predecessors, worked hard and performed at high levels in their prior VERSATEX roles. They’ve earned the opportunity to advance their careers. We’re excited to give them increased responsibility and greater scope for serving our customers.”

Cole Hedlund
Jeff Dahdah
Josh Diaz
Chris Fornuto
Matt Baumeister
Nick Leugers
Patrick MacRae
Ben Kitchens

Great Southern Wood Preserving will invest $5.9 million in expanding its remanufacturing facility in Mansura, La.

It will add four new production lines, increasing the facility’s capacity and allowing for the manufacture of components used in the oil field and for storm relief and mitigation. In addition, manufacture of supplemental decking components, such as rails and balusters, will shift to the Mansura plant from facilities outside of the state.

“Our expansion in Mansura is phase two of the long-range plan we had in mind when we began operations here in late 2011,” said president and CEO Jimmy Rane. “With the growth of various manufacturing segments in Louisiana, our goal is to be able to support these industries by providing both a greater volume of products as well as more variety in the products they need to continue their growth. We’re looking forward to getting underway in early 2023.”

Construction is forecast to start in January and be complete in October.

New Castle Steel has added a hot-dipped galvanized steel support post to its steel framing system, now available for distribution nationwide. The new 6″x 6″ post is available in 12′ and 6′ lengths. It boasts a 3/16″ wall thickness for increased stiffness and load support. The post works with a 10″ diameter round base plate welded for post-to-pier attachment. The support post is specifically designed for dimensional stability and is powder-coated for added durability and corrosion resistance.

The framing system has the same qualities as the rest of the line plus a few supplemental features:

  • Post cap for increased beam bearing support.
  • Front and back post-to-beam brackets are 14 gauge G60 galvanized steel and powder coated.
  • Textured Charcoal Black finish complimenting popular aluminum and steel railing systems currently on the market.
  • Performance-based structural design for increased lateral stiffness using an integral post-to-beam connection.
  • Designed with a 10″ round base to work well with a standard 12″ Sonotube.
  • All products, including the post, are manufactured using American-made steel.

For more information, call (888) 960-0808 or visit ncsteel.com.


Ultralox Interlocking® Technology is proud to introduce its Aluminum Framing System (AFS) for Commercial and Multifamily installations. Ultralox's AFS accommodates configurations including hanging balconies and rooftop amenity systems, popular in today's multifamily housing market.
The nation’s leading outdoor living design and installation company System Pavers has expanded to Arizona with the opening of a new Tempe office earlier this month.
Versatex Building Products this week disclosed the names and new titles of eight freshly promoted sales-team managers.
Great Southern Wood Preserving will invest $5.9 million expanding its remanufacturing facility in Mansura, La.
Deckorators has released its “Deckorators 2023 Outdoor Living Report” that highlights the upcoming trends in design, building, and outdoor living for the upcoming year.
Trex has added two new colors to its Trex Transcend Lineage composite decking line—bringing the line to four colors—and has doubled its limited warranty to 50 years for all Trex Transcend and Trex Transcend Lineage decking products.



Grad Concept USA has introduced the North American launch of its Grad Rooftop Decking System.
New Castle Steel has added a hot-dipped galvanized steel support post to its steel framing system, now available for distribution nationwide.
Deckorators will offer two new colors to the Venture Decking line—Saltwater, a warm smoky-taupe, and Sandbox, a classic medium-brown.
Diablo Tools has introduced a line of diamond segmented turbo masonry cut-off blades that provide extreme durability, longer life and faster cuts in concrete and brick. 
DekPro EFFEX wireless post caps feature bright, warm white LED lights, state-of-the-art solar collector and long-lasting lithium ion batteries. Installation is quick and easy-no wiring involved.
Fortress Building Products’ new Fe26 Axis horizontal steel railing delivers sought-after contemporary aesthetic to decks, front porches, patios and balconies.


The nation’s leading outdoor living design and installation company System Pavers has expanded to Arizona with the opening of a new Tempe office earlier this month.
Key-Link Fencing & Railing, Inc., and Superior Plastic Products, Inc., have named Javan Lapp as the next CEO.
Trex Company, Inc. has sold its subsidiary, Trex Commercial Products, Inc., to Minnesota-based Sightline Commercial Solutions, LLC. to focus on its outdoor living segment.
Fiberon announced a new partnership with HomeSphere that will give builders access to exclusive rebates on select products, including Fiberon, and allow builders to “bundle” rebates to earn even more.
Accoya USA, LLC. is on track to begin manufacturing Accoya in early 2024 after breaking ground on its U.S. manufacturing facility in June.
BlueLinx Holdings Inc., a wholesale distributor of decking, railing, fencing and other building products, announced two key appointments – Dionne Vernon as VP, talent management, and Gui Nebel as VP, finance and treasury.


There was a time when if you wanted a roll of  “good,” heavy-duty, ultra-sticky duct tape, you either had to be a HVAC technician or have made friends with the sheet metal subcontractor who was working on the same subdivision tract as you were. The latter also usually involved the exchange of several cold adult beverages and the requisite loitering and discussion of all things building related, while enjoying their consumption. After this, you were pretty well guaranteed duct tape and gutter sealant for as long as that sub was on your job. I often wondered how the sheet metal company never came to notice all those “gifted” rolls of Nashua Tape and tubes of gutter sealant, or maybe they just considered them as “consumables,” which I guess, in a roundabout way, they really were. Nowadays, in this same scenario, both you and the sub would most likely be arrested for loitering, drinking in public, and theft of construction materials—then unceremoniously fired. Oh, how far we have come. Thankfully, the people at T-Rex are looking out for us, after deciding that the venerable roll of tape, found rolling around every trademan’s toolbox, deserved an upgrade. With the T-Rex line of professional tape products, you can fix a small hole in a wet/dry vacuum hose, patch that bucket that cracks on the last day of construction, and solve so many other minor frustrations that can add up to project delays and dollars lost. Pro-grade duct tapes and specialty tapes, while seeming unnecessary before starting a job, can provide on-the-fly repairs when you need them most. It won’t be every day you need it, but on that day you do, you will really need it. Below are examples of how we used T-Rex on our jobs. Site Prep We used double-sided poly-hanging
When people look at a deck, what is the first thing they see? It’s certainly not the footings, or even the deck boards for that matter. Odds are it’s the railing that catches their eye before anything else. So, why is it that railings are so often an afterthought? Last year, Trex hosted a series of focus groups that confirmed most homeowners don’t think about railing selection until very late in the deck building process. By this point, clients are likely to be mentally spent from decision making, and their budgets similarly depleted, leaving little energy or financial resources to put toward this critically important and highly visual aspect of their outdoor living space. As contractors, we are partially to blame for this oversight and at risk of losing out on a viable—and valuable—selling opportunity. Railings provide the decorative frame to a client’s backyard masterpiece, making them an aspect where clients may be more likely to splurge—but only if selections are made before they’ve allocated their budget elsewhere. Additionally, as the first thing neighbors and visitors are likely to notice about an outdoor space, railings have the power to translate into lucrative referrals. For the best overall results—both for your clients and your business—railing selections should be addressed early in the design process. Ideally, decking and railing decisions should be made simultaneously, as a purposeful pairing. Research has shown that when homeowners see railings next to deck boards, it opens their eyes to combinations they may not have otherwise considered. This can, of course, be complicated considering the number of railing options available to today’s homeowners. Between aluminum, cable, glass, wrought iron, composite and wood, the offerings are vast and, quite honestly, overwhelming. As a TrexPro, my clients have access to more than 1,200 different decking and railing pairings. While
Fall is a great time to spend time on the deck. Whether you’re overlooking a beach, lakefront, rolling hills with vibrant fall colors, or other scenic vista, getting out on the deck in the cooler autumn temperatures can be downright therapeutic. But regardless of what you’re overlooking, the vista is the focal point, which is one reason that cable railing systems are gaining in popularity. One manufacturer reported that their cable railing system sales were up 300% over the prior year. Here are some of the reasons that consumers are increasingly turning towards cable railing over other railing systems. Naturally, any option considered must meet applicable safety criteria (OSHA, ADA and ICC Building Code). Railing systems, after all, are a barrier to keep people and pets from falling off the deck. Aesthetics. It’s all about the view. While some may suggest wooden railing to match a wooden deck, the sheer view-blocking bulk of the cross bars could compromise the outdoor living experience. There are other options that work well with all kinds of deck architecture, offering an aesthetically pleasing, modern look which is ideal for many high-end deck projects. Cable railing, which offers a virtually unobstructed views without the daily maintenance of glass railing systems, is becoming increasingly popular. Stainless steel cables combine with aluminum posts and rail assemblies to form a strong, durable, maintenance-free system that will last for a lifetime. But not all cable systems are the same—those with bulky turnbuckle systems for tightening the cables or with mid-rail vertical support pickets added are falling out of favor with consumers who’d prefer to the see the view that those items obstruct. A major component of cable railing systems is (drumroll please...) the cable. Smart consumers demand those that will not stretch or sag over time, especially on the
Deckorators has expanded its Voyage composite decking line to include a fifth color—Khaya, a true brown—and varied-plank decking, bringing the interior design trend of mixing widths of hardwood flooring to outdoor living. Formulated to meet demand for a darker brown composite, Khaya joins four other color options (Sierra, Tundra, Costa and Mesa). All are offered in 12-, 16- and 20-ft. grooved and solid-edge profiles, as well as 12-ft. fascia. The varied-plank decking comes in solid widths of 3-1/2”, 5-1/2”, and 7-1/4”—the first two widths also offered with grooved-edge profiles for use with hidden fasteners. For additional information visit DECKORATORS.COM or call (800) 332-5724    
Outdoor spaces have become increasingly popular to homeowners nationwide who are using decks as extensions to their homes. Decks and porches are more easily built for those who live in the suburbs or countryside, given they usually have the luxury of space. This is not necessarily an option in some of the more crowded cities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Big-city locals have the same desire to spend time outside, so getting creative is imperative to turn that feeling into a reality. Thus, rooftop decks have become an increasingly popular solution over the past few years. “When you have an area like New York City or Brooklyn, everything is bunched up together. The only area you really have is your roof,” Keith Camacho, owner of Stellar Decks and lifetime Brooklyn resident, said. “People in New York are known to utilize these spaces for entertaining because it is the only area they can really enjoy the perks of outdoor living. People are recognizing that in instances when you aren’t able to extend your space, you have to look upward.” In many instances, these outdoor spaces are constructed on residential and commercial high rises, so they also come with regulations. Aside from certain weight restrictions, materials must be flame-spread rated to be approved for the building permit. “If there’s a fire, the wood will burn immediately,” Camacho said. “For building permit approval, everything needs to be fire rated, so composite and PVC products are typically preferred.” While inspectors look for those details, homeowners also have a common request when it comes to residential rooftop spaces: low maintenance. “A lot of people are looking for products that don’t take a lot of work to maintain. In cities like New York, outdoor spaces can only be enjoyed for a certain amount of
  As families continue to invest in their outdoor living spaces, we see several trends emerging from different regions throughout North America. Across our network of dealers and Wolf PRO contractors, we looked at what’s trending this season. What’s Your Region’s Color? The Northeast region of the U.S. gravitates toward Harbor Grey, a solid gray, with light color tone. For example, in New Jersey many of the docks by the shore are being constructed with complementary grays which drives this color popularity. The southern regions like North Carolina and Georgia favor warmer colors such as Sand Castle or Amberwood. And when we look at the coastal regions of Florida, a staggering 52% of decking was a shade of gray. Some of the colors are driven by style, while others may be more related to the overall homes style or reflective of HOAs. Interestingly, Canadian provinces, territories and the Northwest U.S. are on the deep, dark and natural color spectrum. They are all-in on Black Walnut and Onyx and often paired with Silver Teak. These darker colors are typically used to picture frame the deck and contrast the home’s colors. It’s not just about choosing a singular color but selecting two contrasting or complementing colors—one for the majority of the deck and one for the accent color—to set your deck apart with visual points of interest. Unique Board Placements Draw Attention When it comes to customization, color is only one piece of the deck design puzzle. Board layout and orientation can create strong visual points to create a distinct feature element, which is often influenced by the builder, their experience, and preference. Some builders have created their own custom elements to brand their services. Always keep in mind, that boards must be laid in a way that breaks up the expansion