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Discover's 2024 digital makeover! Our revamped site offers cutting-edge features, expert insights, and the latest in decking trends. Join us in this new era of digital excellence in the decking industry.

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Deck Specialist Ushers is in 2024 with a digital revolution! 

At Deck Specialist, we stand as the trusted herald of an entire industry. As we forge into 2024, we’re not just evolving but setting the standard for digital excellence. This is a transformation that goes beyond the surface, a refinement of our commitment to deliver the industry's best directly to you, our readers, who are shaping the future of outdoor living and decking.

As someone who's narrated countless tales of craftsmanship and dedication, I can tell you this shift is akin to the masterful strokes of a skilled artisan. We’re enhancing our tools and techniques to ensure that every interaction with us is as seamless and satisfying as the perfect interlocking of well-milled lumber. 

Tailoring Your Inbox: A Curated Experience

 Imagine a world where every piece of mail is a missive that matters. Our new email system is precisely that. It’s the seasoned lumberjack in a forest of communication, selectively choosing only the most robust and relevant timber for you. You get to decide what makes the cut, ensuring that every message we send is wanted, needed, and appreciated.

Privacy and Premium Content: Our Pledge to You

 Your trust is the cornerstone of our publication, as enduring as the deepest foundations that support our nation's infrastructure. We protect your privacy with the vigilance of a night watchman at a sawmill. The content we craft for you is nothing short of premium, the kind of high-caliber material you've come to expect from us — designed to inform, educate, and empower.

Curated Insights: Only the Best in Your Toolbox

 Opting into our insights means you’re arming yourself with the best tools available — the kind that only a publication like Deck Specialist can provide. We understand the tools and trends that matter most to you and deliver them with the precision of a well-aimed nail gun.

 We at Deck Specialist are more than just a publication; we are a touchstone for the industry. Our words carry the weight of expertise, the resonance of quality, and the promise of innovation.

Join us. Subscribe and cement your place at the forefront of the decking industry. Together, let's build the future with the strength of knowledge and the power of community.



Durable Bamboo Decking

Durable Bamboo Decking

Designed to perform and weather like an outdoor exotic hardwoods, MOSO Bamboo N-durance Rain-shed decking featured a warm, amber color that is finished with decking oil that prevents fast weathering and limits surface fungi development. MOSO decking is covered by a 25-year guarantee.

New Castle Steel Expands into New Markets

New Castle Steel Expands into New Markets

New Castle Steel has partnered with midwestern-based sales company, SLA Manufacturers Representatives, to expand its representation into North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the northern Illinois markets.