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Water-Tight Sub-Ledger Tape

Trex has introduced a new butyl tape engineered specially for use behind the ledger board.

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Measuring 22” wide and reinforced with an aluminum liner, Trex’s self-adhering, butyl-based Trex Seal Sub-Ledger Tape creates a continuous water-tight seal between the ledger board and the house wrap to prevent water from infiltrating the house, and creates a water-tight seal around ledger fasteners. 

“Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and, chances are, they’ll point to the ledger board,” said Dave Kile, CEO of IBP, LLC, which manufactures and markets deck waterproofing products through a licensing agreement with Trex Co. “If not correctly installed and protected, this single element can be the downfall of a deck’s structure. By adding this extra layer of moisture protection, professional deck builders can prevent water from getting trapped between the ledger board and the exterior wall of a home, reducing the likelihood of wood decay and increasing the lifespan of the deck.”

Trex Seal Sub-Ledger Tape is designed for easy application with a convenient triple-release liner that allows installers to bend and set it in place without it flexing back like other flashing tapes. Its width replaces the need to use multiple strips of tape, saving valuable time on the job site. Additionally, it is AAMA 711-13 compliant and is backed by a 25-year warranty. 

“When water seeps behind a ledger board, it can lead to mold, rot and wood decay that can negatively impact not only the structural integrity of the deck but the exterior of the home as well,” noted Kile. “By using Trex Seal Sub-Ledger Tape in conjunction with Trex Seal Ledger Tape, builders can fully protect the ledger board on all sides to ensure homeowners optimal longevity and enjoyment of their decks.”

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