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Accoya Adds Keim and Saroyan Hardwoods

Accoya signs two new distribution partners: Ohio-based Keim and California-based Saroyan Hardwoods. This is in preparation for Accoya’s launch of its Kingsport, Tn., production facility this summer.

Accoya Color Grey decking

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Accsys, a fast-growing company that enhances the natural properties of wood to create high-performance, sustainable building products, announces the addition of two U.S. distribution partners: Keim and Saroyan Hardwoods. Enlarging its geographic footprint is essential in preparation for the expected summer launch of the Accoya production facility in Kingsport, Tn.   

  • Keim, based in Charm, OH., was founded in 1911. With 600 employees, Keim is a fourth-generation family business providing home, building, and woodworking supplies to professionals. The company has extensive wood remanufacturing facilities and an extensive inventory of domestic and imported lumber to supply its customer base across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
  • Saroyan Hardwoods, based in California and founded in 1947 on three principles—quality, integrity, and personal service—Saroyan now has over 25,000 clients, 200 employees, and three service facilities across California. In addition, Saroyan has extensive milling and manufacturing capabilities out of its two production plants located in Huntington Park, CA., and Glasgow, KY. This fourth-generation family business prides itself on manufacturing products to the highest industry standards while fulfilling the toughest material requests. 

“Our partnership with Keim and Saroyan Hardwoods makes Accoya even more accessible to the design and building community throughout North America,” said Sergio Munhoz, sales director for Accsys in North America. “As we near the completion of our U.S.-based production facility, we’re ready to meet the rising market demand for high-performance and sustainable building products.”

Accoya wood brings unprecedented reliability for timber, with a 50-year above-ground and 25-year in-ground and freshwater warranty. Manufactured from fast-growing and renewable FSC certified sources, it is one of the few building products to be Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold. It is well suited for extreme climates and is ideal for decking, siding, historical restoration projects, windows, and doors.

About Accsys 

Accsys Technologies PLC is a fast-growing business with a purpose: changing wood to change the world. The company enhances the natural properties of wood to make high performance building products that are extremely durable and stable, opening new opportunities for the built environment and giving the world a choice to build sustainably. Accsys transforms fast-growing, certified sustainable wood into building materials with characteristics that match or better those of man-made, intensely resource-depleting and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives. Visit  

Accoya solid wood is sustainable, durable, and stable with exceptional performance, finish, and sustainability. Accsys’ proprietary acetylation process makes the wood more dimensionally stable and extremely durable because it is no longer easily digestible. It is one of very few building materials to be Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Gold level, with a Platinum rating for Material Health, confirming that no harmful or toxic additives or chemicals are present to leach out into the environment. Primary applications for Accoya wood include decking, windows, doors, and cladding, where the combination of performance and sustainability benefits compete favorably against hardwoods, plastics, metals, and concrete. Visit

Tricoya ( is produced using Accsys' proprietary technology for the acetylation of wood chips and particles for use in the fabrication of panel products such as medium density fibreboard (MDF) and particleboard. Panel products made with Tricoya wood elements are truly durable and stable enough for use outdoors and in wet environments. Combining the sustainability, durability and stability from our acetylation process with the ease of use and quality finish of wood panel products, the enhanced durability and dimensional stability opens new opportunities for the use of these products, making them suitable in applications and environments that previously required solid wood, synthetic or unsustainable materials. Tricoya wood elements have been lauded as the first major innovation in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years. For more information about Tricoya wood elements, visit


FastenMaster ICON ScrewJoist

FastenMaster ICON ScrewJoist

FastenMaster’s new ICON ScrewJoist, a hybrid deck joist system engineered with the strength of steel and the lightness of wood, initially will only be available in the northeastern U.S. The company has plans for future expansion of the product to other regions of the country.