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Modular Glass Deck System

A modular glass deck system that allows light to shine through an upper deck to the space below has been released by Glass Flooring Systems, Inc.

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Glass Flooring Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturing firm specializing in walkable skylights and glass flooring products, released its latest innovation at IBS: the SkyFloor Modular Glass Deck System. Crafted specifically for deck applications, the SkyFloor Modular Glass Deck System is engineered to allow light to shine through the deck, illuminating the space below with natural light.

Builders will receive all that is needed for installation: structural glass panel(s), frame, setting gasket, silicone, fasteners, easy-to-follow instructions and product drawings. 

“We are thrilled to introduce the SkyFloor Modular Glass Deck System to our lineup of innovative products. This system represents a significant advancement in deck design, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal,”  said Wayne Conklin, CEO of Glass Flooring Systems, Inc.


FastenMaster ICON ScrewJoist

FastenMaster ICON ScrewJoist

FastenMaster’s new ICON ScrewJoist, a hybrid deck joist system engineered with the strength of steel and the lightness of wood, initially will only be available in the northeastern U.S. The company has plans for future expansion of the product to other regions of the country.