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Marketing Support for Your Deck Building Business

Three marketing strategies to complement your work and connect you with your audience.

Balazs Ketyi, Unsplash

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IN THE CRAFT of deck building, where your unique design vision sets you apart, navigating the world of marketing might seem like navigating uncharted waters. Yet, understanding how to effectively market your business is crucial, not just for attracting new clients but for showcasing your unique projects and craftsmanship. The question isn’t just about whether to market, but how best to approach it to complement your work and connect with your audience. Let’s delve into three distinct marketing strategies: diving into the task yourself; teaming up with friends, family, or freelancers, or collaborating with a professional marketing agency.


Understanding the DIY Approach

Learning Curve: Embarking on DIY marketing means you’re at the helm, steering all aspects of your campaign. It involves understanding digital platforms, crafting your brand’s message, and engaging with your audience. It’s a journey of continuous learning, where each insight about your audience adds a layer to your marketing strategy.

Creativity Unleashed: Your decks are a testament to your creativity, and DIY marketing allows you to infuse your brand’s messaging with the same inventiveness. It’s your vision, your voice, and your unique angle in showcasing your work.

Time and Resources: Consider the time investment required. Will dedicating hours to marketing detract from the time spent on your craft? It’s essential to balance your commitment to ensure one doesn’t overshadow the other and the areas of your business that need you or your team the most.


Enlisting Help Close to Home

Mixing Skills: Drawing on the talents of friends, family, or freelancers introduces a range of skills to your marketing efforts. Whether it’s a cousin who’s a whiz on social media or a freelancer with a knack for stunning visuals, each contributes a piece to the puzzle.

The Coordination Dance: Managing contributions from various individuals requires coordination. It’s about harmonizing different beats to create a cohesive marketing melody. Keep in mind, the variability in commitment and quality could affect the consistency of your message. Consider yourself a marketing project manager.

Budget-Friendly Solutions: This path often offers a cost-effective approach to marketing. However, it’s crucial to ensure the value of these contributions doesn’t compromise the professionalism and polish of your brand.


Partnering for Professional Expertise

Comprehensive Strategy: Agencies bring a wealth of knowledge, offering a bird’s eye view of your marketing needs. They craft strategies that not only present your work in the best light, but also ensure it reaches the right audience.

Consistency and Quality: With an agency, you’re assured of a consistent, professional approach. Their expertise in the digital landscape means your brand is always presented at its best, from your website to social media and beyond.

Investment Considerations: While this option requires a more significant financial commitment upfront, it’s an investment in your brand’s growth and visibility. The professional execution of your marketing strategy can free you up to focus on what you do best—creating stunning decks. And, it can propel your business forward much quicker with a better ROI in the long run.

Making Your Choice

Deciding on the right marketing path is a personal journey that weighs your time, expertise, and resources against your business goals. It’s not just about finding clients, but about building a brand that truly reflects your artistry and connects with your audience on a meaningful level.

Time and Expertise: Assess your willingness to dive into marketing versus focusing on deck building. Is learning and implementing marketing strategies something you’re keen on, or would you prefer to dedicate that time to honing your craft, team & clients?

Financial Resources: Consider your budget for marketing efforts. While DIY and leveraging your network can be more cost-effective, the comprehensive strategy and professional execution offered by an agency could provide a better return on investment in the long run.

Brand Consistency: Evaluate which approach will best maintain the consistency and quality of your brand’s presentation. Your marketing efforts should mirror the excellence and attention to detail that you put into every deck project.

In conclusion, marketing your deck building business is about more than just reaching new clients; it’s about telling your story and showcasing your unique vision. Whether you choose to navigate the marketing waters yourself, enlist the help of your network, or partner with a professional agency, the key is to ensure your marketing strategy resonates with the craftsmanship and creativity at the heart of your work. By carefully considering your approach, you can build a marketing plan that not only reflects your brand’s values but also enhances your connection with your audience, setting the stage for lasting growth and success.

As always… just keep moving forward!