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Hall Now Distributing Eva-Last’s Infinity Decking

Eva-Last Infinity decking products have been added to Hall Forest Products’ Apex inventory, providing deck builders with more color options at various price points.

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Hall Forest Products, Puyallup, WA., has added Eva-Last’s Infinity decking products to its existing Apex inventory. The new offering provides customers with a wider range of colors at differing price points, increasing the range to meet various customer requirements.

Infinity decking is now also available in four colors: Tiger Cove, Oasis Palm, Caribbean Coral, and Concrete Grey. Each color brings a unique aesthetic, allowing property owners to create a personalized outdoor oasis that stands the test of time. 

The Apex deck offering is available in five distinct colors: Himalayan Cedar, Brazilian Teak, Carbonized Osage, Arctic Birch, and Alaskan Driftwood. These colors are designed to complement various architectural styles and landscaping themes.

“We are excited to introduce Eva-Last’s Infinity decking products to our customers,” said Gary Maulin, sales manager at Hall Forest Products. “These products not only elevate the visual appeal of outdoor spaces but also provide durability and performance that property owners can rely on for decades, at an attractive price point.”

Eva-Last decking products are known for their quality, sustainability, and low maintenance requirements, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects alike.