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FastenMaster ICON ScrewJoist

FastenMaster’s new ICON ScrewJoist, a hybrid deck joist system engineered with the strength of steel and the lightness of wood, initially will only be available in the northeastern U.S. The company has plans for future expansion of the product to other regions of the country.

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FastenMaster has introduced the FastenMaster ICON ScrewJoist, a revolutionary hybrid deck joist system engineered to combine the strength and durability of steel with the lightness and workability of wood. The new ICON System enables contractors to build exterior deck substructures faster, stronger, and safer than with traditional pressure treated joists. 

Patented ICON ScrewJoists offer a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional pressure treated lumber, including being significantly lighter for easier and safer handling on site and quicker to install without the need for metal hangers or connectors. In addition, the straighter and more dimensionally stable ICON ScrewJoists provide a consistently level deck surface without crowns or low spots. The open web design allows contractors to slide 2x8 lumber blocking into place without having to cut and install multiple blocks. 

ICON ScrewJoists are 10.5" tall, 3.5" wide, and much lighter than traditional lumber. A 12' ICON ScrewJoist weighs just 36 lbs. vs. a 12' 2x8 (2x10) PT joist, which can range from 50 to 70 lbs. depending on the moisture content. The system is fully tested and meets code requirements for both live and deadload capacities.

All ICON ScrewJoists are custom manufactured and shipped to the jobsite with a detailed engineering layout showing the placement of each joist, ledger board and carrying beam, as well as all critical connections and any additional structural details needed to complete the project.

Initially, ICON ScrewJoists will only be available in the northeastern U.S. However, the company has plans for future expansion of the ICON ScrewJoist line to other regions of the country.

For additional information please contact FastenMaster at (800) 518-3569 or visit

About FastenMaster

Established in 1981, FastenMaster is a brand of fastening solutions for professional contractors. Its products are engineered for structural, decking, and trim applications in residential construction, and includes the LOK Line of structural wood screws, Cortex Hidden Fastening Systems for deck and trim applications, Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Clip System, FrameFAST for roof truss framing connections, as well as the ICON Screw Joist system for decking. 


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