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Stratos composite-enhanced PVC decking from MoistureShield combines the best of both worlds

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MoistureShield has launched the Stratos line of composite-enhanced PVC decking, offering the best of both wood composites and PVC.

Its Next Core is meticulously designed to be stronger and longer-spanning than any other PVC decking on the market. Stratos features a proprietary acrylic cap that defends against damage from stains, scratches and impact, while also resisting fading. It was also engineered with a 50% greater span, to provide rigidity and a more solid feel underfoot. 

Available in three colors inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, Stratos features a TruTexture Surface for an authentic woodgrain finish, enriched color variegation, and heat-reducing CoolDeck technology.  


Adjustable Cooldown

Adjustable Cooldown

StaCool Vest Core Body Cooling System’s fully adjustable over-vest straps at the shoulders, chest and stomach, weighs just 6 lbs. when hydrated, and keeps body temperatures at safe levels for hours of use.