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AZEK Unveils Suite of New 2024 Products

The AZEK Company Inc. announced a new suite of offerings from its TimberTech, AZEK Exteriors and StruXure brands, including the debut of an innovative aluminum framing product, new decking and porch colors, expanded railing offerings, a new siding product, and ...

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The AZEK Company Inc. announced a new suite of offerings from its TimberTech, AZEK Exteriors and StruXure brands, including the debut of an innovative aluminum framing product, new decking and porch colors, expanded railing offerings, a new siding product, and a Cabana X model now available with a modular design.

“We are excited to announce the addition of several new and innovative decking, railing and exteriors products to the AZEK portfolio for 2024, supporting customer demand for more style, design and performance options while also keeping contractor productivity and efficiency top of mind,” said Jesse Singh, CEO of The AZEK Company. “Notably, we have expanded our offering of products with Class A Flame Spread–the best possible fire rating–and products that comply with the California Wildland Urban Interface building codes. Our new TimberTech Aluminum Framing product combined with our TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection decking now offers homeowners a complete decking and framing solution for those living in fire prone regions and offers contractors a framing option that is easier, more predictable and more efficient to install than wood.”

Many of AZEK’s distributor, dealer and contractor partners were given an advanced preview of the new products during events held in conjunction with this year’s TimberTech Championship, a PGA Tour Champions event, in Boca Raton, FL. The new products are already available in some geographic markets and will be broadly and commercially available starting in 2024.

“We are strengthening our already strong position with pro contractors and supporting homeowners in every step of their journey to create beautiful, low-maintenance and sustainable outdoor living spaces. We believe that our commitment to new product development combined with our unmatched material science expertise and proprietary production technologies continues to drive our position as the industry leader in innovation, design, best-in-class aesthetics and performance,” continued Singh.

TimberTech Composite Terrain+ Collection

Through proprietary technology, TimberTech material scientists have developed more sophisticated aesthetics featuring multi-color variegation and more realistic emboss patterns, while still maintaining the superior, scratch-resistant durability of the original Terrain Collection. Featuring protective four-sided capping, the Terrain+ Collection will continue to stand out as a superior choice in scalloped-back decking for contractors, dealers and consumers. The palette includes three new on-trend colors, including Weathered Oak, Natural White Oak, and Dark Oak – each delivering a sophisticated, versatile and natural wood look. TimberTech’s Composite decking is sustainably manufactured with up to 85% recycled content.

TimberTech Aluminum Framing

TimberTech’s Aluminum Framing offers notable benefits to both deck builders and homeowners. Builders are provided a full solution with engineered components designed to work together and install easily, and homeowners get a solid deck substructure that will not split, rot or decay, meaning a long life and 25-year limited product warranty. Compatible with all TimberTech decking and railing systems, TimberTech’s Aluminum Framing is made in part from recycled aluminum and can be reused or recycled at end of life. And, because it’s made of aluminum, it’s ideal for fire-prone regions.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Riser Board

As an alternative to using fascia or wide-width decking, TimberTech’s new Advanced PVC Riser Boards can provide a finished, cohesive look to any deck. Built to withstand the elements just like TimberTech’s Advanced PVC Decking, our Riser Boards offer enhanced durability and unparalleled aesthetics.

Collated Cortex Plugs for TimberTech Composite Decking

With material-matched plugs made of the same decking as the surface boards and pre-aligned grain patterns to completely blend in, collated Cortex plugs are now available for use in all TimberTech full-profile Composite collections and colors.

TimberTech Railing Horizontal Cable Infill for Impression Rail Express

Made from powder-coated aluminum, TimberTech’s Impression Rail Express delivers a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum design with stylish, wrought-iron-inspired aesthetics. Plus, with its pre-assembled, panelized design, TimberTech’s aluminum railing is simple and straightforward to install. With the highly desired horizontal cable infill option and no exposed hardware, homeowners can enjoy an almost unobstructed view.

Cabana X MOD

Originally launched in 2022, Cabana X is the ultimate high-quality, high-tech, ultra-versatile cabana. The 10’ x 10’ footprint of Cabana X was designed to go wherever needed and provides protection from the elements via remotely controlled louvers and accessories that deliver both comfort and shelter. Now with the innovation of the Cabana X MOD extensions, you can expand a custom covered space in any direction with the same Cabana X ease and quality. Appropriate for both homeowner and commercial spaces, Cabana X MOD offers adaptive configurations, customizable amenities and flexible layouts as well as simple and straightforward assembly that’s permit-free in most locations.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Porch Collection

The TimberTech Advanced PVC Porch Collection features an innovative tongue-and-groove installation that allows for smaller gaps between boards, which delivers a traditional hardwood flooring look that is perfect for any homeowner’s porch surface. The popular English Walnut and Cypress colors in TimberTech’s Advanced PVC Vintage Collection of decking will now be available in both standard width (3.125”) and wide-width (5.5”) tongue-and-groove profiles for porch applications.

TimberTech Invite Collection Lounge Rocker

The TimberTech Invite Collection of outdoor furniture has a new member, and it is sure to become an instant classic. Introducing the new Lounge Rocker, a stylish evolution of the Adirondack Chair, perfected in a rocking chair format and made with a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled material. Like all TimberTech products, the focus is on beauty, longevity, and sustainability. With TimberTech’s Invite Collection, homeowners and consumers can expect comfort, no special maintenance, and years of enjoyment.

AZEK Exteriors Bevel Siding

AZEK’s new Bevel Siding continues the brand’s expansion into the siding category and perfectly pairs with AZEK’s existing & expansive line of trim and moulding. When complemented by AZEK Trim, AZEK Bevel delivers a full-wrap solution that mimics the design aesthetic of a classic American home with cedar siding, but now with the truly low-maintenance performance of rot-proof PVC. With a lifetime limited warranty and superior performance benefits, AZEK Bevel Siding is ideal for new custom home construction looking to mimic the traditional look in high-moisture climates, coastal settings and four-season regions, and the best option for repair and remodel of homes with cedar siding.

“We are at the forefront of home design trends, inspiring and validating consumer preferences for real wood looks with a portfolio of outdoor living and home exterior products that offer the most convincing aesthetics combined with engineered performance,” said Sam Toole, chief marketing officer of The AZEK Company. “Because products across our portfolio are made in part from recycled waste and scrap material, we are supporting consumers’ growing desire to live their lives more sustainably while keeping hundreds of millions of pounds of waste and scrap out of landfills each year and revolutionizing our industry.”

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