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Avon Plastics Launches Builder Program and App

Avon Plastics has launched its new builder program and app that are designed to provide contractors with rebates for brand loyalty to Armadillo products. Contractors can earn an 8% rebate on their first submission, with continued rebates afterwards.

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Avon Plastics has launched their new Armadillo Builder Rebate Program that is designed to simplify the process for contractors to get sizable rebates for brand loyalty to Armadillo products.

“With our new Builder Rebate Program, contractors will get a rebate of 8% on their first submittal—with continued rebates for every submittal afterward. We have also made it easy for contractors to gain Premier status, which comes with additional benefits such as increased rebate percentages, increased likelihood of leads, and customized digital marketing–all for no additional cost. The app makes submitting a rebate as easy as uploading a picture of the receipt, uploading a picture of the project and submit, saving the headache of having to remember to do it later,” says Doug DeLuca, VP of sales and marketing with Avon Plastics.

Search for “Armadillo Builder Rebate” in your app store to get started. For additional details on the new Builder Rebate Program, please visit

About Avon Plastics

Avon Plastics was founded in 1966 and is a Minnesota-based, third-generation, family-owned company specializing in composite decking (Armadillo), lawn and garden products (Master Mark), decorative lattice (Grid Axcents), interlocking flooring tile (QuixTile) and TurboClip decking fasteners. Avon Plastics is the nation’s first post-consumer recycler of HDPE and has been honored with the United Nations Environmental Program award for sustainability.


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