Alternative Decking & Railing Have Their Day

Outdoor living is booming. Trends in this space have grown more pronounced, as people are spending more time at home and looking at structures like decks with fresh eyes. Instead of getting away for a weekend, they’re seeking to create relaxing retreats in their own backyards that they can enjoy year-round.

Building Decks on EWP

Treated engineered wood marks the next generation in deck framing systems.

Selling Fencing for Sound Minimization

Not only does a good fence frame the yard and add to a home’s curb appeal, but it also can provide an element of privacy and safety, including noise reduction.

Making the Most of a Scenic View

Fall is a great time to spend time on the deck. Whether you’re overlooking a beach, lakefront, rolling hills with vibrant fall colors, or other scenic vista, getting out on the deck in the cooler autumn temperatures can be downright therapeutic.

T-Rex pro-grade duct tapes

There was a time when if you wanted a roll of  “good,” heavy-duty, ultra-sticky duct tape, you either had to be a HVAC technician or have made friends with the sheet metal subcontractor who was working on the same subdivision tract as you were.

Affordable Capped Composite

MoistureShield’s new Elevate capped wood composite decking offers advanced protection and beauty within an entry-level budget. The strong, protective cap shields each board from impact, corrosion and harsh weather. 

Mixed-Width Decking

Deckorators has expanded its Voyage composite decking line to include a fifth color—Khaya, a true brown—and varied-plank decking, bringing the interior design trend of mixing widths of hardwood flooring to outdoor living.

When Space Is Limited, Transform the Roof into an Outdoor Haven

Outdoor spaces have become increasingly popular to homeowners nationwide who are using decks as extensions to their homes. Decks and porches are more easily built for those who live in the suburbs or countryside, given they usually have the luxury of space.

The Process to Profit Part 2: Quoting

Last time, I discussed marketing and how to get leads coming your way. Hopefully some of what you read will help you in the future in your marketing. Remember that each part of your business works with another. They are all tied together, and you have to master each one or hire someone who can. Today we are going to talk about how the lead turns into a quote, but more about how to make your quoting process more efficient.

How to Install Cable Railing

Cable railing offers a visually appealing aesthetic for both commercial and residential spaces. However, for those who are accustomed to traditional balustrade installation, a cable rail system presents unique challenges that can be overcome with a few tips and techniques.