The Process to Profit Part 3: Compartmentalizing Labor

Last time, I discussed laying out your quoting process so it’s easy to know what to charge for your decks and how to make it easier for you. Previously, we discussed your materials and their costs. The goal thus far has been to encourage you to build essentially the same project over and over in compartments. Square foot of this, linear foot of that, number of these, etc. So, even though each deck is a little different, the building units are the same.

The Process to Profit Part 1: Marketing

We will talk about it in three steps. Marketing process, quoting process, and construction process. You must have a working plan for all three, and an allocation of the sale price of each project for all three. Today is marketing day.

What Your Customers Don’t Like About You

It’s Any Airport, USA at 2:00 a.m., and someone makes the announcement that the delayed 6:00 p.m. flight will finally begin boarding. The catatonic crowd in the packed waiting area begins to form a line. They’re tired and relieved to be getting on their way.

Reading Your Clients Is Key to Writing More Orders

Builders who focus on decks are “outdoor living professionals,” and unfortunately often crowded out by a plethora of handymen, amateurs, hacks, and the occasional big new-home builder “filling in” with a deck between more important projects.

How to Install Cable Railing

Cable railing offers a visually appealing aesthetic for both commercial and residential spaces. However, for those who are accustomed to traditional balustrade installation, a cable rail system presents unique challenges that can be overcome with a few tips and techniques.

Dock Holiday: Creating a Riverside Haven at Pittsburgh Marina

After years of planning, the South Side Marina opened in 2015 on the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, PA., as the next development phase of the South Shore Riverfront Park project designed as “a place where everyone can enjoy the city’s greatest feature, the rivers.”

Drones Deliver for Builders

Wow! That was my first reaction when I opened the NADRA gallery of project pictures submitted by companies all across North America for the annual deck photo contest. I sat in front of my computer with my jaw wide open in complete awe of the crafsmanship and creativity on display.

Stainless Steel Moves Out of the House

Nothing captivates attention quite like stainless steel. Any appliance that incorporates stainless steel becomes instantly more appealing, and any building that incorporates it into the design looks more innovative.

Tips for Installing Cable Infill with Composite Railings

While decks are a key part of any outdoor space, railings are an equally important component in creating a deck that looks great while also offering the durability and functionality that today’s homeowners expect.