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Flexible Forming

Deck-O-Seal’s new flexible, forming utility board gives pool contractors the freedom to work in tighter spaces because it bends easily to form a smaller radius of 6 ft., ideal for circular installations like hot tubs. WF XBoard can work as a tile ledger in swimming spools and spas as small as 6 ft. in diameter. Made from compressed wood fibers, it is VOC-compliant and non-bituminous, and is available 10 ft. long, 1/2” deep, and either 4” or 6” wide. DECKOSEAL.COM (800) 542-7665

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Stainless Steel Moves Out of the House

Nothing captivates attention quite like stainless steel. Any appliance that incorporates stainless steel becomes instantly more appealing, and any building that incorporates it into the design looks more innovative. Stainless steel is truly in a league of its own. A combination of durability, aesthetics, low maintenance, and sustainability makes stainless steel a go-to material for builders, remodelers, contractors, and other design-build professionals. The ever-growing demand for stainless steel has led manufacturers to focus on creating innovative and stylish outdoor products. As outdoor living and sustainability become increasingly important to the design community, these companies, among others, have uncovered unique reasons why stainless steel is such a widely popular building material.   Stainless Steel & Recycling “I definitely believe that sustainability is one of the more important factors in the popularity of stainless steel. I also think its durability and aesthetic appeal play into its growth,” explained Praveen Sood, retail and product marketing manager at Feeney, Inc., a company that specializes in stainless steel cable railing systems. Stainless steel is made from iron, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, making it easy and cost effective to recycle. According to the International Stainless Steel Forum, stainless steel is composed of 25% old scrap products, 35% new scrap that is returning from production, and 40% new raw material. As a result, it becomes a product with not only design appeal, but broad environmental appeal as well. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable with no degradation; a rare feat amongst building products. And, according to the ISSF, roughly 92% of stainless steel used in architecture, building, and construction around the world is recaptured and recycled at the end of the project’s lifetime. In addition, the Specialty Steel Industry of North America estimates that of the stainless steel produced in North America, the post-consumer recycled content rate is

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Redwood Pergolas Bring Luxury Finish to Outdoor Living Spaces

Building custom homes for more than 24 years, Palomar Builders prides itself on building each project with the care and quality homeowners expect, with the value and affordability they prize. Palomar co-owner Jeb Allen knew that attention to detail and high-quality finishes would be important to the success of Palomar’s newest community, Salt Creek Heights, in Redding, CA. Allen wanted to set the standard with the development’s first home and decided that a pergola would connect with the natural surroundings as well as beckon people from indoors to enjoy the outdoor space. The best material for the project, he discovered, was redwood. “We use only high-grade construction materials, and when it comes down to premium exterior living space, there is nothing better than redwood,” Allen said. The backyard of this first home features a custom-designed pool. As Allen considered the options for defining the space around the pool, he knew the pergola would help draw attention to the space. Some other builders, though, would use materials like composite or aluminum. “The real redwood brings the texture, a different feeling, a richer sense,” Allen explained. “It’s more inviting if you’re standing inside the house and look out the window to see this redwood pergola, and further in the background see some of the gorgeous natural surroundings that just perfectly frame the scene.” Allen reached out to Meek’s Lumber & Hardware, also located in Redding, to find the redwood for the project. Humboldt Redwood was chosen for its aesthetic appeal, as well as the ease with which it supported the custom, sophisticated design. Redwood also underscored some of the sustainable features promoted within this community. With solar panel hookups, tiled roofs, and quartz countertops, the homes already feature products that support sustainable living. Modern forestry practices, including those of Humboldt Redwood, mean

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