Deck Specialists of the Year: StoneCroft Construction

Owner Philip Purdy launched StoneCroft Construction in 2014 in Colorado Springs, CO. The company's specialty? Fortress Building Products' Evolution Steel Decking Framing.

What is your building philosophy?

“Building” and “philosophy” may seem like subjects that are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but the latter should come into play for builders. Most successful contractors don’t just build stuff. They have a mindset that includes specific ideas of what they are about.

What’s hot in outdoor living

Now more than ever outdoor living is in! While homeowners have increasingly invested time and money into their yards in recent years, 2020 saw interest in outdoor living spike to unprecedented levels as homeowners everywhere adjusted to a new normal by reimagining how to use and enjoy their exterior spaces.

Lessons Learned for Deck Builders

Deck builders across the country are taking note of some of the biggest lessons they’ve learned and logging them away for the

What Doesn’t Kill Your Business Makes It Stronger

North American Wholesale Lumber Association had just wrapped up its Leadership Summit early last March when the significance of the COVID-19 outbreak slammed home. Attendees had no idea then, but that would be the last in-person industry gathering for the foreseeable future.

Keeping it Cool with Pergolas

It’s a great time to be what I refer to as a Custom Deck Specialist. With the pandemic, people are home and looking for some additional leg room. A beautiful new deck can add a tremendous amount of new floor space at a reasonable cost.

Customer Service and Communication

When we began our remodeling careers over 30 years ago, we quickly learned that doing good work wasn’t enough to guarantee a smooth project or a satisfied customer.

Increase Your Profits Without Increasing Your Buildout Capacity

Whether you have multiple crews or you’re part of the only crew, most contractors have a predictable if not limited “buildout capacity.” At the end of the year, your profit is based on an achieved percentage of not what you sold, but the dollar volume you built out in a year.

Lessons from Failure and Perseverance

For the last two years, I’ve run a $3-million-per-year solo consulting practice, but I have been out of money multiple times in my life. Today, I sell large six-figure consulting projects approximately once a month because that is all I can handle. But when I started doing this work, I was proposing (and getting rejected for) $7,500 projects.

What to Expect in Decking in 2021

Over the summer, home design and renovation hub Houzz reported a 178% year-over-year jump in searches for professionals to work on deck, patio and porch projects.