Finish the Year Strong in 5 Minutes Per Day

As we speed into the winter months, summer memories are still fresh even while the end of the year and all that it brings draws closer. And so, it is impossible to escape that there are only a few selling weeks left in 2019.

Fiberon Expanding Western PVC Output

Renovations are underway at Fiberon’s Meridian, Id., decking plant to significantly increase capacity in the PVC category. The new equipment is expected to be up and running by the end of first quarter 2020.

The Process to Profit Part 2: Quoting

Last time, I discussed marketing and how to get leads coming your way. Hopefully some of what you read will help you in the future in your marketing. Remember that each part of your business works with another. They are all tied together, and you have to master each one or hire someone who can. Today we are going to talk about how the lead turns into a quote, but more about how to make your quoting process more efficient.

Trex Kicks Off Expansion Project

Trex Co. has broken ground on a new decking plant in Frederick County, Va.

Tropical After the Storm: South American Hardwood Chosen for Hamptons Rebuild

When Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast in 2011, the house suffered severe damage. But Hurricane Sandy, a year later, finished the job. When the storm finally passed and the water level subsided, what remained would have to be completely rebuilt.

The Sustainable Contractor

Five years ago, Deanne Clough, owner of Clough Construction, began thinking about the different ways that her business affects the Earth. While at her company’s  lumberyard one day, she realized they were making a personal contribution to deforestation.

Show You’re Best for the Job

Home improvement contracting has come a long way! Where a man’s reputation and craftsmanship used to almost be all that was needed, now our clients are much more educated, much more skeptical, and require a greater professionalism and technical competency from their contractor in order to even be considered “in the running.”

Choose Your View

For those who are passionate about decking, the choice of railing is often seen as the accessory that can complement the surroundings and bring it to life. There are many things to consider when selecting railing for your outdoor space, such as how and when you will be using it. One other factor that homeowners often overlook is the view they want to achieve while they use their deck.

Just Listen: Open Your Ears to Close More Sales

I recently came across research confirming what many of us in the profession of educating salespeople have known for years: that purchasers would be “much more likely” to buy from a salesperson if that salesperson would just “listen” to the customer. The survey found that some of the worst offenders were experienced salespeople.

Anyone But Chuck

As the building market continues to escalate and there is a higher demand for contractors, Chuck should worry us all. You know him, right? “Chuck in the Truck,” “Dan with a Van,” the Craigslist contractors who have cost us all a job or two. Guys who can start next week and will save homeowners $5K if they pull the permit themselves. 

The Value of Being a “Joiner”

You’re up before dawn, off to the job, and may not return home until after dark. You grab a bite, shuffle through the mail, and wrap up a few loose ends before settling in for the evening. Sound familiar?

Rethinking the Deck

So what is this mental block towards creative deck building that has been so prevalent in the minds of the general population for so long?

Know When to Say No

In our over four decades as professional builders, we have experienced the best of times and the worst of times. Fortunately, we have managed to survive both. You might wonder why we might say that we have “survived the best of times.” Well, it isn’t really as complex as it might seem.

Helping Hands

Generally speaking, we set the standard and the foundation for excellence every day when we go to work. Then when the opportunity presents itself, we will have laid the ground work to elevate ourselves to the next level.

Learn from the Other Side

As professionals in the deck industry, most of us, at least in the privacy of our own minds, feel pretty confident in our abilities and our knowledge of the subject matter. After all, this is what we make our living at and what our reputation hinges on!

The Sweet Spot & How to Sell It

So what is the sweet spot? It’s the point where the company is generating the most potential profit possible with the least amount of overhead.

Prep for Success Before You Start Digging

To ensure a satisfactory deck for your customers, it is important to take design, materials and equipment into consideration before digging. To save time and increase ROI on the job, consider the following tips to increase efficiency when digging postholes.