Viewrail Adds New Stair and Railing Products

Viewrail Adds New Stair and Railing Products

Viewrail, who specializes in stairs and railing, announced three new product additions: the Cantilever tread system, the LED Quick Slide Handrail, and the Non-Combustible Tread.

The Cantilever stair is a new floating stair system that joins the company’s other Flight and Terrace systems.

Supports are made up of two modular pieces, which can easily be handled by one to two people. Each bracket bolts through an LVL engineered wood stud and attaches to the next bracket. Face grain treads are adhered into place and capped off by Vedera glass.

“There’s a huge demand for a true floating stair system, and we’ve made one that follows the same turnaround and lead time of our other systems,” said Len Morris, CEO of Viewrail. “You get this incredible organic structure look. And on top of that, your builder will be amazed at how simple it is to install,” Morris added.

For decking and stair lighting applications, Viewrail has released a new LED handrail option.

Previously, the railing industry has accepted the mix of stainless-steel hardware fastening into aluminum parts out of necessity, as no alternative was strong enough. In a coastal environment, mixing multiple metals, especially steel and aluminum, can cause a galvanic reaction, which results in corrosion.

The Quick Slide Handrail uses an extruded aluminum channel to hold a bolt and nut system in place. The channel is wedged between the bracket and nut, creating a strong bond resistant to rust and corrosion. This solution solved the issue of galvanic-caused corrosion.

This channel also provides the optimum placement for LED lighting. With some slight alterations to the bracket, LEDs can now be installed by the customer on any project with a Quick Slide Handrail. Specs for the lighting range between 3000k and 5000k warmth.

The product is available as an order option for October 2022 production.

For builders and contractors working on commercial projects such as hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, airports, etc., there is often a requirement for stair treads to be “non combustible” or slow burning. These types of products are suited for Class 3 Construction.

Examples of noncombustible materials include: steel, masonry, ceramics, and certain insulating materials like fiberglass or mineral wool insulation.

Viewrail is taking the heat off of those wanting a stylish stair while also maintaining safety. “We’ve noticed an increased interest in the thinner profile treads compared to the classic butcher block look, and we’ve really refined our thin treads to serve in both a stylish and functional way,” said Ben Hoover, of the Product Development team.

The Non Combustible Tread is available as an order option for October 2022 production.

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