Product Review – 2019

Recently I was in the market for a new stand for my trusty miter saw. In my search, I happened across the website for the Correct Cut. After watching the various YouTube videos and then exchanging several emails with the company, I was sold on the fact that this was the solution I had been looking for. Several days later, a large box arrived on my front porch.
What I found so attractive about the Correct Cut, was that it offered all of the functionality of a folding, wheeled miter saw workstation, with the added benefit of a movable digital stop block. As you move the stop by turning the handwheel on the front of the unit, the digital display, via rotary encoder, shows the corresponding distance from stop to blade. So you need 22-1/2” blocks, set the stop for 22-1/2” via the LCD display, lock down the stop, and cut as many as you need.
Unlike using a manual stop, if after you go to another setup and then realize you still need a few more of the previous sized pieces, it is difficult to dial in the exact same size. Not the case with the Correct Cut; just set the size you need back on the display and you are guaranteed total repeatability. The digital stop allows for 1/32” accuracy. This combined with the ability to measure not just square cuts but all angles including compound angles, makes the tool useful in any number of finish or framing applications.
The unit is designed so as to allow breakdown and removal of the saw for transport and yet still maintain the preset calibration. After having set up and broken down the unit multiple times, then moving it from job to job, I never once have had to recalibrate it for any cut. After recently using the tool on a challenging finish job, we soon realized the productivity benefits of its digital display and stop.
Using the tool made confusing layouts and measurements, relatively simple and consistently accurate, enabling the least experienced member of our crew to make the same cuts as the most experienced. The tool really helped to level the playing field. It should genuinely pay for itself over time, in both increased workforce productivity (ie., speed) and maximum material efficiency, by reducing the cost of expensive and wasteful mis-cuts and unusable material.
The unit comes almost completely assembled, and includes a very detailed assembly and operation manual. Unbox the Correct Cut and you first notice the bright orange powder coated, well packaged and packed individual components. The extent of the pre-assembly becomes clear as you unwrap the very few parts. Unlike so many of today’s flat-packaged and shipped purchases that arrive on our doorstep (think IKEA furniture or anything made in Asia), the tool did not require an engineering degree, 200 sq. ft. of work space, and 50 Tupperware bowls to assemble. There are no Pictograms to try and decipher of parts that kinda look similar. Nope. The Correct Cut comes with a real, honest-to-goodness, old school, written manual. This was refreshing to be certain. After thoroughly perusing the manual, the actual assembly time took conservatively an hour. It can (and in my case was) done on the tailgate of a truck, over the course of lunch and two break times.
Once complete, the next step is installing the saw of your choice (a double bevel sliding compound miter saw is suggested) on the included saw mounting base plate.
Finally, all that’s left to do is calibration. The manual thoroughly covers the steps involved and their execution. But they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so a video must be worth 10,000. I’d suggest the actual calibration is most easily accomplished by watching the helpful YouTube videos available on the manufacturer’s website. The company has gone to great lengths to provide easy-to-understand and well produced instructional video material, that make all aspects of assembly, calibration and maintenance extremely user friendly.
The website is also the place to get all your questions answered and the customer service is friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. I can attest to this after having had multiple interactions on different occasions with them. It was reassuring to know that should I have any sort of issue or concern after the sale, that there was someone there to assist me with resolving it. Maybe I’m showing my age, but to me that sort of service has real value.
This is a tool that is designed and built to withstand the rigors of the jobsite and living in the back of a pickup between jobs. Digital accuracy with worksite mobility combined, all from a tool that is 100% made in the USA. All of this serves to make the Correct Cut Miter Saw Workstation a real total tool winner in my book.

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