Finish the Year Strong in 5 Minutes Per Day

As we speed into the winter months, summer memories are still fresh even while the end of the year and all that it brings draws closer. And so, it is impossible to escape that there are only a few selling weeks left in 2019.
For many of us, these coming weeks will determine the sales success of our entire year. A strong finish can be the difference between an excellent year and a middling one. As such, here are my simple but year-determining questions for you:
In the coming months, who will you call proactively? Make a list of customers who can buy more from you.  Make a list of customers who used to buy, but stopped — for it help them to hear from you. Finally, make a list of customers you have not talked to in six months or more, and reach out to them as well. None of these are cold calls. They are all relationship calls. All of these people know you, and you know them.
What additional products and services will you offer your customers? Think through what your top customers are buying from you, and what they are buying elsewhere—which you can help them with. Why should they go to another supplier? You can help them. They would you like more of your help. Why deny them the opportunity to buy more from you?
What prospects who are not yet doing business with you will you reach out to? Maybe you have talked to them, but maybe you haven’t. We salespeople spend most of our time speaking with customers, because that’s who calls. In these closing weeks of 2019, call some prospects and tell them you’d like to help them. You’ll be pleased when some of them take you up on it.
What quotes and proposals will you follow up on? This is some of your lowest-hanging fruit. The customer asked you for the quote and you wrote it. You sent it. The customer has been quiet. Now, go tell them this business is important to you and you’d like to help them with it. Nobody will tell you no, I don’t want you to make my life easier today.
What specific business will you ask for? Make a list of five questions that will help you ask for the business, and then use them on every call. For example: When can I expect the P.O.?
It Only Takes 5 Minutes Per Day
People look at me like I’m from another planet when I say this, but it takes five minutes per day to grow your sales dramatically and close out the year strong. Not five minutes total, and then put your feet up the rest of the day. But five minutes of proactive, intentional communication in the midst of your otherwise reactive day.
Five minutes of proactive calls, quote follow-ups, did you know questions, and referral requests.
Give me five minutes a day of intentional sales-growth actions—less than 30 minutes per week—and you will dramatically increase your personal sales results.
How dramatically? Many clients of mine have increased their personal sales 50% to 100% in the first year. What would this mean to your results? What would it mean for your family in take-home pay? Is this worth five minutes per day? Do you have five minutes per day? Of course you do.
It’s the home stretch. Let’s do the work your customers deserve, and finish strong!

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