Decking Retailer Drives Innovation Using Auto Industry Technology

Most composite decking manufacturers now offer a capstock line, covering their wood-plastic-composite core with an all-plastic outer layer. Tiva Building Products has gone one better—capping its PVC core with ASA (acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile), a tough, rigid plastic known for its heat resistance, color retention, and weatherability.
The product comes from a deck builder-turned-retailer-now manufacturer. “I started designing and buiding decks in 1986,” said Terry Fangrad, Tiva’s founder and CEO. “As new products evolved and came into the marketplace, we were always carrying samples around. So I thought it would be great to have a place where people could come and see multiple products; hence, I created The Deck Store.”
The Deck Store’s lone retail showroom in Ontario, Canada, “grew to eight different locations and eventually, after working with every product on the market, (Terry) decided that he wanted a product that he could really stand behind,” said sales and marketing manager Megan Fangrad.
So he decided to make his own. Terry’s wish list was a product that looked beautiful, performed exceptionally well, offered a wide selection of colors, and could be backed by a solid warranty.
Tiva’s researchers, explained distributor Steve Rhone, Weston Forest Products, “went looking for a proven technology, something that provided greater durability, fade resistance, and richer colors. They ended up stealing a little bit of technology from the automobile industry, which conquered these problems decades ago. Remember the car dashboards of the 1980s, which used to fade, crack and split? The difference today is the development of ACS plastics.”
After years of tinkering and testing, the end result is Tivadek, a PVC decking distinct from all others. It utilizes North American-sourced plastics and resins, extruded and molded in China.
And the developments continue. Over the last few months, Tiva has used its proprietary technology to introduce:

  • Charwood, reportedly the first black PVC board, featuring special edition embossing.
  • Tivadek Fascia, the first PVC fascia on the market that is 3/4” thick. Installers can now screw and plug the fascia for a finished look with no visible fasteners.
  • Tivadek Riser, the widest riser board on the market, measuring 1/2” x 8-5/8” to allow for custom stair rises and for it to be used as a multi-purpose cladding.
  • Tivadok, a patented, one-of-a-kind 2×8 PVC dock board with an aluminum reinforced core. The product is rated for 24” O.C.
  • Tivacoat, a liquid-applied waterproof coating to protect deck substructures from rot and decay, as a cost-effective alternative to joist tape.

Tivadek is currently distributed to dealers in the Northeastern U.S. by Sherwood Forest Products, and throughout Canada by Weston Forest Products. Tiva is on the lookout for distribution partners to serve other regions of the U.S.
“The market’s response has been exceptional,” Megan noted. “Contractors are drawn to Tiva’s unique story and product innovation. All of our products were inspired by contractor feedback during many years of in-field testing. Tivadek is truly a board made by contractors for contractors.”

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